How do you remove wiper switch on dash? (1 Viewer)

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Aug 21, 2017
New York
Sorry if this a total noob question. I am about to tackle solving my wiper issues and want to begin with cleaning the switch. Before I inevitably break something, I though it prudent to ask how to safely remove the switch. Is there a locking nut on the other side of the dash that needs to be unscrewed? Is the switch best accessed under the dash or do I remove my front lock box (I think it substitutes for a dash pad) to access behind the dash from a superior approach? I did a search and I think this so basic that nobody ever posted on it.
The nut is on the front of the dash behind the knob. There’s a set screw in the bottom of the knob. Loosen the screw and then unscrew the knob off of the switch shaft. You’ll then have access to the nut.
It varies slightly based on year/model. @RAGINGMATT can post a pic of one of the SSTs used on the later models.
The round nut behind the knob will have two tiny holes. Fine tip needle nose pliers or a similar tool can be inserted to help turn the nut.
Toyota's SST are called " Pin Wrench Tool " essentially 1 piece set of Fixed ( 1 piece ) Solid Tip snap ring pliers

- here are a Blue-Point / Snap on examples ...

- straight ones are required for the upper switch's closest to the dash pad

- Right Angle ones for the lower ones closet's to the floor

- apply steady FIRM pressure to avoid scratches to dash paint or headlamp switch Rheostat decal ( Lantern Logo ) ( 8/80 - 10/85 )

hope this helps ;)
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So much knowledge on this forum. It is the small things like this which make the MUD forum so valuable not to mention the willingness of the members to lend advice and not be judgmental. On some other forums I know of, a simple question like this would result in some smart-a$$ answers.

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