HJ60 Rear Storage & Sleeping Platform

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Mar 17, 2011
N. California
HJ60 Rear Storage & Sleeping Platform & Misc Mods

I've started building a storage box / sleeping platform in the rear of the truck. I want to be able to switch easily from sleeping position to being able to fold the rear seats up for passengers, so I hinged the platform.

To make it easier to get into the space under the platform, the top, right side and rear sides open.

I have all the boards cut and test assembled, but I haven't installed the hinges, clasps or carpeting yet.

Once I do, I can post real pics.

In the meantime, I'm trying to decide how I'll anchor it.
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Looks good! One problem, though. When you go on a camping/fishing/hunting/whatever trip, there are lots of stuff stacked on the drawer system, so you have to empty the back almost totally to flip the thing open.
Look forward to the real pics and to your solution with the anchors.
Looks like a really good concept, to anchor it you could use some Metal angle and bolt it through the floor.

And to solve your accessibility issue when loaded you could incorporate a drawer to pull out from the rear door.
Methusalem - the platform only covers 36" of the 60" width in the back of the 60. I will have room on the sides for stowing gear so even if I have a cooler or something up there I can set it next to the platform for sleeping.

Stevo - The 3D model is from Google Sketchup. There is a bit of a learning curve, especially if you've never done any 3D modeling, but the video tutorials on Google's site are great.

Since it is only 38" deep and I can get into it from the sides, I'm not too worried about not being able to reach gear. I think I'm going to leave the drawer out for simplicity and just use plastic storage tubs under the platform.

For anchors, I'm thinking about drilling into the floor and installing some real tie-downs with fendor washers and then using turnbuckles to cinch the platform to the vehicle floor. I'm not sure where to do the drilling though. Before I crawl under there and look I guess I have to go clean all the mud out from under there.
I finished the model. I'll post it to the Google Sketchup Gallery as soon as they approve my account. In the meantime, PM/email me if you want the file.

Here is an updated model as well as a photo showing the work in progress, including the turnbuckles and tie-downs.

I still need to carpet the panels & install the hinges.

Coming up on the project list:
  • woofers + wideband speakers in the door
  • new HU hidden in the center console
  • 2m HAM
  • car computer with touch-screen display
  • subwoofer in rear driver's quarter panel
  • improved interior lighting
  • fridge installation (need to protect my film when out on photo trips - the cold beer is just a fringe benefit I swear)
  • storage/mounting for recovery gear
  • mount for transporting trike (greenspeed x3)
Cool build.

I used turnbuckles to secure my drawer system. Worked great.

Would love to have a closer shot of the dash, noticed the three gauges on the top...
lovetoski - the PO installed 3 gauges in a pod on the dash - EGT, boost, and water temp.

dbleon - I needed to elevate myself off the floor high enough to clear the folded up center seat bottom. Otherwise I didn't fit. This also gives me a cargo area where I can store and secure some gear.
Stereo Head Unit

I'd like to install a stereo in my '84 HJ60. It currently has an aftermarket pioneer in the dash. Ideally I'd return that to stock or make it look like the stereo was already stolen - i.e. a decoy.

The real head unit will go in my custom armwrest/console. I'd like to use as much of the stock wiring as possible (switched power, constant power, etc).

Is it possible to get a Metra harness that I could hack up to extend my aftermarket HU in the console to the factory harness in the dash?

As for HUs, I'm looking for something simple and rugged. All I need are RCA inputs, RCA outputs (front, rear, sub) and AM/FM radio. Weatherband and a built-in crossover would be nice pluses.

The Jensen JHD1120B seems like a candidate but I'm not a fan of the brand.
Plastic storage tubs? I was thinking the same. I'm gonna build a platform very soon, for our vacation to Venezuela, because last year it was a mess without the platform!
Still brooding over a kind of self-built "vault" to store our laptops in (it's gonna be a long vacation, so we'll have to work now and then:frown:)

I will note, vis a vis your laptop vault comment, that the Smitty-Bilt console that I put in my FJ60 perfectly holds a MacBook Pro 13" laptop.
And, in fact, could probably accommodate a number of them.
I have a 40/60 split bench so I can't use floor consoles. I'm still not sure how I'm going to handle securing my netbook.

I will note, vis a vis your laptop vault comment, that the Smitty-Bilt console that I put in my FJ60 perfectly holds a MacBook Pro 13" laptop.
And, in fact, could probably accommodate a number of them.

Problem is that I have a 17" laptop, Fred.:bang: Maybe something against the roof:meh:? But a Smitty-Bilt console would be nice anyway.
Metra suggests I use either a 70-1398 or a 71-1398. Any idea which? I still haven't opened up the dash to see if the original harness is intact.

Amp is on the way. I'm going to put a sealed box in the driver's side rear quarter. Now I just have to decide on speakers & head unit.
I've selected all the components for the a/v system except the LCD display. I'm debating the Lilliput 669.

So far, I'm planning to use:
  • Headunit - Jensen JHD1620B AM/FM/Weatherband radio
  • Amp - JL XD700/5
  • Aura Whisper wideband drivers (front doors)
  • Dayton RS150 6" woofers (front doors)
  • Dayton Neo 10" subwoofer (driver's rear quarter panel)

I need to mount the touchscreen somewhere, but I have no idea where. It will be used to provide user input to my laptop so I can track my route or play MP3s using a custom front-end like Centrafuse.

It needs to be removable so I can stash it when parked.

Perhaps something like this?

Lilliput Touch Screen Install
I decided to run my own custom wiring off the aux battery so I won't be using harnesses.

For the touchscreen, I've ordered a Lilliput 669 multi-touch display that I plan to mount to the dash.

The sleeping platform is mostly assembled (needs hinges and some last minute modifications). In the meantime, I'm installing the sound / vibration dampeners. Hopefully I'll have some more photos tomorrow.

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