Hj60 5speed conversion help

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Jun 3, 2016
Hi I recently bought a 1982 hj60 fitted with 2H diesel with deco turbo kit. It had the 4 speed gearbox fitted until I took it for a drive and realized that it needs a 5 speed desperately for highway driving.
I bought what seems to be a h55f 5speed out of another hj60
Everything has gone in fairly easy except after the gearbox is all bolted up to the engine it insnt sitting straight in between the chassis rails

The crossmember doesn't line up with the mounting holes on the bottom of the gearbox and the gear stick isn't centered
Do I need another crossmember made up or is there one from another model that I can put in ?



Maybe the engine shifted slightly. I'd un-bolt the x-member, bolt the trany to it, then ratchet strap the x-member into place. I program databases for a living, so you should wait for more replies before you follow my advice.
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Yeah I tried that it still doesn't line up and the gear stick is right on the edge of the hole in the trans tunnel
This is a pic of it bolted in and it can't be pushed over to the left anymore than that

As long as the crossmember and bellhousing are from the same years you should be fine, did you replace one of either?
Yeah I put the original crossmember back in but with the newer h55f gearbox and bellhousing
So I might have to pull the gearbox back out and bolt the bellhousing off the 4speed on the h55f and it should line up better ?
The post 1985 bell housing turns the transmission/transfer 7 degrees or so. The 1987 bell housing I used in my swap (picture) was stamped 3f if you have the two side by side its clear that the mating surface on the trans side is turned. Im guessing the bell housing u have in now is 1986 or later. Hopefully your other one is still on hand.

I've still got the original gearbox that I took out
I'll take the 5speed back out and swap bellhousings over and hopefully that fixes it
Cheers for your help I'll let yous know how it goes
Pulled the gearbox back out and swapped the bellhousings over and it all lines up perfect gearbox is straight and centered
I'm pretty happy that I don't have to take that heavy ass gearbox back out again too


Yeah it goes really good I'm pretty impressed with it the only thing it needs is a 3inch exhaust as the guy I put the 60 from cheaped out and had the turbo goin into the standard press bent exhaust with a massive muffler
I'll be making a 3inch mandrel bent one very soon

Its gets up to 100km pretty quickly it just revved a bit high that's why it needed the 5 speed
Thanks mate. I deleted my post as I thought I was a bit off topic.
But appreciate the reply.
Quite like the brown . Suits the cruisers well

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