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May 12, 2013
Old Fort N C
I am beginning the rebuild of a 40, and I do not think the engine is original. This is not my first 40, but I am by NO means an expert. Just trying to put together a daily driver.
I bought the truck with no title for parts, but plan on using most of it. A tree had fallen on the truck, and it was left to sit for several years. I want to use the cowl and dash,all in it looks great. The tub is rusted beyond repair, but I have a decent 1970 half tub to mate up.
As I dissembled it, I found a lot of things in the engine bay bolted on, but not tight. As if it was in the process of being RE assembled. The valve train, and the underside of the valve cover is spotless.
The door says Oct 78, fuel tank is under pass seat, but the engine block ID # is 293067, which is not on the SOR 2F chart on their Website.
If there is a chart for engine codes, please direct me to it, I haven't found it yet.

For one, a FJ60 bell housing was s*** welded to rear motor mounts ( broken of course), and the dist is a big, with dented side cover, which I thought is a FJ60 dizzy.
Thanks in advance!
Look under the stickies at the serial number thread. There is a spreadaheet linked somewhere around post 373 or so.
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If I am looking at the spreadsheet correctly, it seems the engine is an 85 or so.
Any way to decode the engine #?
The part number? Yes, but get the head part number too because that can be more useful.
If SOR doesn’t have it, that spreadsheet is about the best thing going to determine engine year.

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