Help with electric fan switch on '84 BJ60 with 3B

Sep 24, 2016
Jefferson, Oregon
Hello everyone,

I have the Ford Contour fans mounted and wired up to a relay (so I have the power wire, ground, and acc. wire coming out of the relay).

My problem is finding the best way to switch the fans on. The kit I bought came with a probe, but I have a brand new Champion all aluminum radiator and the fins are too small for insertion.

I also don't want to replace the temp gauge sender (I can't find a metric temp switch to replace it with anyways), but what is the sensor right next to the temp gauge sender? Is that just for a dummy light? And what is the metric thread size for these for these sensors?

Any thoughts or help on this? The fans fit great, I'm just having trouble finding a solid way to switch the fans on properly. Let me know if pictures are needed.
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