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  1. morganism

    How to install the Brushes of a DC Motor : Basic Steps

    just found this, cuz i opened the wiper motor. good info, and not gentle either.... edit: Never mind, NONE of the brushes in the 60's have the groove or slot. Tried binding em with a wire out the back slots, and didn't work either. Can you loop in thru the back, and catch the wire on top ...
  2. LazyEye

    Odd blower - what is it?

    Hey Guys, I'm new here. running a 92 fj80, 231,000 miles, 3F-E of course. Just bought it 4 days ago. paid 3000, figure I got a pretty good deal, birfs don't make any noise and the steering knuckles seem pretty clean except for a thin layer of grease. anyway, my point is in poking around under...
  3. F

    Electric fan on radiator behind A/C condenser?

    Gentleman.....of course I use that term loosely. I have searched quite a bit on here on electric fans, but am not finding the answer I am looking for. I have seen members post pictures of electric fans on the passenger side, mounted on the A/C condenser. I cant help but wonder how effective this...
  4. meatloaf

    Trade Dual Electric Fan for Vortec to Trade for FJ60 battery tray & TC linkage

    Went with mechanical fan etc., so I have a dual fan I would like to trade for an fj60 battery tray and TC linkage. I had bought it new when my 60 got the transplant and ran it for around 30K miles. Truck has been sitting for about 3 years and now bringing it back to life. Let me know what you...
  5. BJrusty

    Help with electric fan switch on '84 BJ60 with 3B

    Hello everyone, I have the Ford Contour fans mounted and wired up to a relay (so I have the power wire, ground, and acc. wire coming out of the relay). My problem is finding the best way to switch the fans on. The kit I bought came with a probe, but I have a brand new Champion all aluminum...
  6. Bardiya

    Would a 2nd electric fan restrict airflow?

    I have 2 oem fan motor's laying around and I was wondering if there was any harm in installing a 2nd fan on my cruiser. I was wondering if another fan would restrict airflow and if anyone had attempted this before.
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