Help with a 350.

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Dec 1, 2004
Calhoun, Ga.
1979 chevrolet 2wd PU, Here's the story.... pulled it into the garage to replace a seized drivers caliper ended up replacing, hard and soft lines, proportioning valve, master cylinder and so on. truck sat for +6 months. Finished up and the battery was dead, whipped a charge on it engine won't turn over. Figured the battery lost a cell and was bad, replaced it same story won't turn over. Figured the Starter was weak replaced it same story engine won't turn over. So now I'm not sure what my next step should be. The motor is free it will turn. I took the plugs out yesterday sprayed some WD-40 in the cylinders re installed the plugs and wires same story won't turn over. Starter turns the motor a bit then starts clicking. The motor ran just fine when I parked it. So there it is I need some opinions on what to look at next. Thanks for your input.
Humm.... I'm not sure. Did the started click or make noise when you turned the ignition?

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loose connections in the wiring...crappy battery... have you tried to start with jumper cables or jumping off a battery charger with that feature.
Maybe it is not the elbert said, try to start the old battery with a jump start charger, if your chevy starts, probably your battery is not dead.
The new battery wouldn't be dead so your problem lies elsewhere. When you say the engine is free how did you confirm that? Try pulling the plugs, disconnect the distributor (pull the batt wire from the distributor if hei), squirt a couple of tablespoons of oil - not WD40 - into the cylinders and then see if the starter will spin the engine when there's no compression resistance. The engine should spin like a sewing machine.

If it spins then replace the plugs, hook up the distributor, and hit start. If she spins but won't catch fire you're either missing spark from the distributor or fuel from the carb/tank. Give a quick shot of ether. If she fires on ether then you're fuel supply is blocked/rancid. If not then you're missing spark via the dizzy.

I doubt your engine is seized after just 6 months so if it still won't spin once everything is put back together then you've got either bad connections, a brand new frozen/fried starter, or the air cleaner is completely blocked - likely with a mouse house. Fun!
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Do the above, make sure the cylinders are clear, if that doesnt solve it

Bad battery cable, or cheep aftermarket starter. Being a 79 i would replace the fusable links at the starter while you are down there...

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