help ----post 72 steerig column in a 71?

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Oct 9, 2007
Norfolk United Kingdom
I was changing out my gearbox (manual) and I broke the worm gear on the shaft

I have the post 72 manual gearbox on hand ---if i order a steering shaft for a post 72 will it install just like the 71 did ---I mean will it fit and I wont need new supports or anything?

I am in the uk so I would have to have it shipped here I am wondering if I could not find a shaft over here that might work but I have no idea where to start other than hunt and peck through the junk yard!

any advice would be appreciated---thanks
steering shaft

I was looking at borgenson and flaming river and they are not too expensive but am still hoping to find a local solution

has anyone used a custom shaft---it looks like 36 inches would b just about right

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