Help identify FJ40 AC

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Sep 11, 2008
North Carolina
Complete AC unit removed from 78 FJ40. See the pics please. Appears to be some aftermarket unit. Another label on plastic housing says "Toyota 78 - 132103".Can somebody to identify it and, most importantly, to say what it may be worth? Thanks a lot.
Thanks for reply, Trollhole! I just searched Mud and found more info. It is Clardy/Customatic of Ft Worth, TX, as you said. I'm having hard time believing it's that cheap:crybaby:.
Well, I'll try later. May be someone will bite for $200:rolleyes:.
the main reason they SHOULD be cheap is that its of the vintage of r12 refrigerant, and when left open to the element(unconnected hoses) r12 absorbs water and becomes somewhat corrosive, so its a complete crapshoot as to whether anything is usable.

Underdash unit is probably okay with a good flush and new expansion valve, but the hoses, the receiver/drier are junk(need barrier wall hoses and a new rec/drier with r134a-r12 is just to much $$$ nowadays). Compressor is likely in need of a rebuild since the seal area tends be the first area to suffer from the corrosion caused by the moisture the r12 oil absorbs. once the seal area is bad it needs a rebuild.

Not to ruin your day,but in reality, the underdash unit is the part thats worthwhile. everything else's usefulness is questionable at best.
fj40 ac

Thanks, Cruiserbrett!! Another usable and equally disapointming piece of info. Trying to sell somebody some cool does not seem to bring a lot.:bang:

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