Hello from a new FJ80 owner

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Jun 17, 2005
Hey guys,
just bought a 1997 fzj80 a little over a week ago for my wife (nice excuse huh ;)) I'm already loving it. Dark Emerald/tan interior, 130k miles, in really great shape other than the guy smoked like a chimney in it. got it for what I think was a pretty dang good price of $8,900
(no, no center dif lock though :crybaby:) I also have a 78 FJ-40, so I'm familiar with the lineage, the 40 is currently in the middle of a frame up restoration/mod vortec 5.7 install, etc, I'll save those details for the 40 forum :)

I'll post pics once I finish scrubbing/buffing/repairing things

1978 FJ-40
1997 FzJ-80
Congrats and welcome. The Center Diff Lock (CDL) you can buy from Cruiser Dan or Slee for $50-$60. Check it out on Slees sight. You probably mean you don't have front and rear lockers.

The CDL is a cheap and easy first mod with lots of payback if you are in bad weather or off road and don't need to be in low.

Post some pics.
Every 80 has center diff lock. Yours just engages in low range only, unless you buy the switch as romer suggested.
welcome aboard!
Good to have you.

Nice price, you now have several grand to justify mods.
Welcome, and we'll be waiting for pics
Welcome! You'll love that 80! (and Cruiser Larry, quite the avatar!:eek: :grinpimp: )

So you gonna start smokin?? :D

Congrats! Post up pics when she's all purdy ..

.................................. yeah, ok .. post pics of the 80 as well ;)


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