HEI distributor conversion

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Jan 22, 2003
Tired of points. Going to go the HEI route. I've read Jeremy's article and it is very complete. Thanks. Is there anyone out there who has done this? Any pitfalls, drawbacks? '74 F Motor in a '66FJ. Thanks, Ed Longs
I have the HEI on my 84' FJ60. Very simple to install, parts everywhere and cheaper than Toyota stuff. I have had mine in about a year and I did have a small problem with the control module, however since I changed that out it has run perfect. I noticed a good bit of power difference between 3000 - 4000 RPM.
Thanks, did you do it yourself or have someone do it? What dist did you use? Junkyard or new, rebuilt? Internal coil or external? The one I've located is internal. Looking forward to ditching the points! Ed Long
hey guys,

i'm lookin at switchin over to HEI, but i have next to no idea how to do this. any help would be great.

i have a 2f out of a 84? fj60 in my 72.

Make real sure the clamp is secure and the oil pump tab is meshing well with the oil pump. I lost a 2F this way. :-[
Other than that, it's pretty easy and worth every bit of work.
I did the conversion myself, very easy to do. I am using the internal coil distributor from a 78' Camaro in-line six 4.2 Liter. I bought all new stuff except for the distributor which was rebuilt.
I have a HEI on my 79 2F from the PO. However he did it, i like it :D I can cruiser on the Freeway at 70mph with 33's just fine with no problems.

What all did you have to do for the conversion...parts, wiring, etc?

I've done some research into this, and it looks like one has to pull the gear off of the stock distributor & put it on the Chevy distributor.  Does that hold true for the '78 Chevy Camaro HEI unit?

Thanks in advance.
The distributor will go in place with the GM drive gear, however the gears are slightly different in the angle they are cut, so the cam gear will wear prematurely. You just punch the drift pin out, you may have to use a dremel tool to remove the flared ends, punch the drift pin out of the HEI and install the toyota gear on the HEI shaft. The gears are not pressed on the drift pin holds them in place. The HEI only needs an ignition/cranking power wire and it grounds through the housing, and if you have a tach one wire to the tach, all done.
I also have the ignition off the camero and one thing I had to do was to modify the metal bar that connects the drive gear into the camshaft. If was all pretty simple, but make sure you get a quality distributor because I got a junkyard special for 45$ and lasted about 45 days until the copper wires in the distributor fried. Also I did a little machining on the part that sticks into the oil pump so that it had a better grip. One good thing about this is that you can now hook up a tach, and see how bad you are redlining it!

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