Heater Blend Valve part number from NAPA

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Nov 22, 2009
Southwest Virginia
Search lead me down a rabbit hole. Does anyone have the part number I can use for NAPA to get a metal heater blend valve that will work with a 1997 1FZ-FE. The OEM plastic one is not one I want to put back in. Thanks.

In addition, if search gives you better results please school this old man on how to use it properly. All I saw was cruiser porn and barely clothed women.
Thanks. Ordered it. In by 6 pm tonight. Still wondering if a metal one is floating out there. Any ideas?
I am using the AZ / Denso - most agree tis equal if not better than the OEM Toyota -
and at a fraction of the cost.

have no complaints -

Rockauto usually has Denso parts if you don't want OEM from a dealer.
OEM for $69 on Ebay...not bad :meh:
My Napa heater valve puked after only two years...
So am I hearing that ~19 years out of an OEM valve is sub-standard?

Heck ya, I expect all things Toyota to last forever! Ha Ha! Thanks for the replies gentlemen. I thought there was a metal one listed on here years ago. The search function didn't yield any results. Everyone has always been very resourceful on Mud. To me, plastic is plastic and is prone to failure no matter what stamp is on the outside. In my thinking, a metal blend valve seemed better (19 years or not).

@cruiserdan no slighting Mr. T, he has gotten me through 340,000 trouble free miles of :steer:. All with the OCD maintenance regiment here on MUD! Great community, keep it coming guys and gals.
I just checked the price on this part with my local Toyota dealer, with our Mud discount its' 79 bucks plus tax. Now i know that's over twice what Auto zone or Napa charges, but it's the real deal. And after getting 23 years out of my first one, i think I'll spend the extra money to get another 23 years out of this one. YMMV
I will post up as soon as my cheapo plastic one craps out. So far, 17 trouble free weekend miles.
Just pulled my 23 year old crapper...looks like the damn thing would go 23 more! Replaced with OEM for the helluvit!
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