Headliner Replacement

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Jun 3, 2013
Sturbridge, MA
Hey there,

Im replacing the headliner on my 79 FJ40 and have decided against simply replacing with a stock or equivalent liner. They're too expensive and as Im not a restorer, it wont bother me. I've read a whole bunch of threads on the subject and I think I want to go with marine carpeting, cut pile. The were a lot of comments but I didnt find a write up of source for carpet, adhesive used, prep, etc. So a few questions...

1. Marine carpet... what weight have folks chosen? It seems to be Oz / Sq ft, 18, 20, 24, 40... all over the map. I assume the heavier ones will provide more sound dampening and insulation. But of course you're paying for durability and comfort on the ceiling where you dont need it.

2. Adhesive used? I think I'm settled on 3M Super 77 but I dont know how well it will hold up the rubber (I believe?) backing of the marine carpet. Reinforce the corners with 3M Weatherstripping Adhesive?

3. I've run a sander around the inside to remove the foam remnants and some of the adhesive. I'm getting some of the 3M adhesive remover (http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0002NUO6K/). Anything thing else I should be thinking about?

4. (getting long :)) Im going to paint the roof... anyone know the right color white / source for a quart? And does one do it?

Thank you all so much. I'd never turned a wrench before I bought my "livin in a barn for 5 years" FJ. I have worked on basically everything in the truck and most of my successes were due to info on this forum. Ive been a lurker, dont feel like I have worthy answers just yet but I will!

$150 is too expensive for a headliner?
i think you bought the wrong car to mess around with. please dont put carpet on the roof.
i think cygnus white is the roof color, dont remember the code. use the search function. "roof color code"
When I can find marine carpet for 1/2 that and get better insulation and noise reduction, yes. I've had to do a fair amount on the cheap and I'm ok with that. Plus the stock white inside is (dont hate me) boring. :)
IMG_0450.JPG IMG_0457.JPG IMG_0460.JPG IMG_0469.JPG Marine grade vinyl, half inch foam sheet for insulation - voila!
Bright white bedliner.

I do care about original, but after I saw how great this comes out, I would never do it any other way. It will brighten up the whole inside of the rig.

That CruiserCorps part looks awfully nice though.
So you put bedliner then foam more bedliner then vinyl? Or spray adhesive between foam and vinyl?

Good point about it being brighter - hadnt considered that.

Seems like you put seams in it or did it come that way? Are there some sort of supports under where the seams are or is that just the angle of the photo?

Thanks. Just finished it a few weeks ago and am finishing up reinstalling the hardtop sides, doors and cap so I can take a shake down cruise. It already seems quieter in the cab. I took lots of photos and may post a how to thread, but to answer your question, heavy duty contact cement was used to glue the foam sheeting to the cap. The headliner itself is held up with three aluminum bows and heavy duty Velcro strips.

I don't have the right but......please don't use carpet as a headliner.
Seems like carpet is frowned upon, Im goin neon pink shag then... and I'll make sure to add the wiring for a disco ball before I glue down the carpet :)

Thanks for the feedback guys!
Just throwing this out there as an option. I picked up some gray indoor/outdoor carpet at Home Depot many years ago and used that until I could afford the real deal. At the time, my original headliner was yellowed, sagging and cracked, so anything looked better. It's still hangin' after nearly 20 years. I agree a lighter color would brighten up the inside though.
See, I like the look of that. I'm gonna take a look at HD or the like. Did you put any foam behind it?

LOVE that shelf by the way. Great idea!
Negative. No foam. Back then I paid around 15 bucks for the carpet and the 3M spray glue was probably around 6 or 7 bucks a can. I had the top off and upside down which really made it easy. The shelf was a piece of ceder fence board covered in the same carpet. It's not real pretty but gave me a place for speakers and CB mount. I think that project set me back about 7 bucks. Ya, I know I'm cheap.:hillbilly:
So you put bedliner then foam more bedliner then vinyl? Or spray adhesive between foam and vinyl?

Nope. Just bedliner and done. If you want more insulation, you could apply Lizard Skin Ceramic Insulation first. Their FAQ says you can put bedliner over it.
Nope. Just bedliner and done. If you want more insulation, you could apply Lizard Skin Ceramic Insulation first. Their FAQ says you can put bedliner over it.
That looks like a good option to me.
Another cheap route: get a gallon can of Blackjack roof coating from Lowes or HD. It's bright white, elastomeric and can go on w/brush or short roller. Won't help much with insulation though.
You didn't mention the disco ball idea. That puts an entirely different "light" on the subject. Please post finished pics!
I'm getting ready to install my new headliner. I have a 71 FJ40.
The roof is still mounted on the truck and would be some work to get it off.
Can I install the headliner with the roof on? What's a good glue to use? Any helpful hints

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