HD OME Lift???

May 20, 2005
Long Island, New York
Hey all, just wanted to see everyones opinions about doing a 2" OME lift with Kaymar rear bumper and ARB front end. Do i need to get a lift if i were to put the ARB front and the Kaymar rear? What am i looking at when it comes to drive train disruption when lifting if any?? Am i going to be looking at problems down the road if i put the 2" OME lift?? Are there any other brands of lifts i should consider??

Thanks guys!!


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Oct 27, 2003
uhhhh...duh...Northern CA
I'd get the lift first. I'm not sure what type of load the OEM springs can take, but the ARB/Kaymar will add more than what it was spec'd for.

I have the OME (heavy) front/rear spring/shock combo. The only complaint I have is that I now want more lift. That said, I've had not problems dragging my rear end on 4+ rated Moab trails and the Rubicon several times.

As far as springs go, most go with OME. Slee offroad offers 6" and 4" springs that come highly rated (well the 6" springs do...the 4" springs are still on a slow boat as I understand it :D)
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