Hardtop window seals

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Mar 11, 2002
Can I reuse the rubber seal around the hardtop windows? I need to pop mine out to do some body work and I've never removed them before. Does removing the window damage the rubber seal?
It is much easier to cut the seals. Check with the SOR web site,
they have many of the seals on special right now.

That said, many folks re-use the seals. You basically want to
push the windows out from the inside, with someone outside
to catch them as the seals pop. You may need to use a screw-
driver to start the process. I cracked one piece of glass trying
to save gasket, then found out that the gaskets were only
$15 each.
Thanks. I didn't realize the seals were that cheap.

...(Running to the garage with a screwdriver in hand)...
Another thing that might help is the rubber is easier to work with when warm, park the rig in the sun, use a blow dryer etc. When reinstalling soak the rubber in really hot water.

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