Hamom 03/06

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Jun 6, 2004
Bozeman, MT
This thread is to start feeling out the date for the event. I am looking very strongly toward Saturday the 25th. The weekend before is the expedition and the weekend after would actually be April 1. I'm considering a few different things right now, 1 is to work on my extensive to do list mostly little things like getting different lights working and and aesthetic things, 2 would be a shackle revearsal on the front, and 3 would be the power steering conversion. I'm also considering making it a joint effort and we can work on JP's rig a little to if we make some progress on whatever I end up choosing. So everybosy let me know how that date sounds.
Does your pig run?
I will try to make this. I feel it will be an important one. And in order to do those things on your list the Pig must be able to run 45 mph for more than 15 minutes. :flipoff2:
I'm putting the carb on tomorrow and hopefully I'll be able to get it running and driving by the end of the day.
How did the new carb work out? Will try to be there when you need us.
Its on I had it running for a little bit but its not idling right and wont idle without being choked and started backfiring toward the end. I posted in the tech section about it if you want to read whats up.
Just a guess but if you have to pull out the choke to make it run it may be a vacuum leak.
Good Luck
Hard40 said:
Just a guess but if you have to pull out the choke to make it run it may be a vacuum leak.
Good Luck

My best guess too. It can be tough to get a good seal on the intake/carb
area. Then there is the whole intake/exhaust mating thing.
Sometimes milling the surface is required. It's a stock carb so THAT
seal shouldn't be the problem. ie. Webers can be headaches due to
the adapter plates.
"C" spacers may be required for the exhaust/intake to head mating
if the two are dis-similar flange thicknesses.
Are the intake and exhaust from a matched set?

Good luck!
Yes intake and exhaust are a matched set. Everyone in the other thread said vacuum leaks too. I just need time to work on it again and try and find them.
Ok so I believe the official date is going to be Sat the 25th start about 9am and I'll have beverages and food for those attending. Please give me a little heads up so i know how much of both I'll be needing. I haven't gotten the pig running yet, partly for lack of time especially from here on out and partly from laziness when I do have time. So That will be priority one is getting it running and idling right and running down the vacuum leaks. Also I think I have something hot all the time electrically and it keeps killing my battery so figuring that out is a priority as well. Some other things that I'd like to get done is reseal the rear diff its been leaking, patch a couple small holes in the floors, rewire the pass. side brake lights b/c I had to wire them to the drivers side to get them to work but disconnected it a while back. I have a list of other tasks for if/when that stuff gets done. Anyway let me know if you plan on attending and hope to see everyone here.

Address 109 Charissa Drive Clemson SC 29631 so you can mapquest it from wherever youll be coming from.
I'm still planning on coming. Though the fact my upstairs air conditioner crapped out and the fact that you cannot buy a 10 seer straight A/C unit and that I have to run all new freon lines and a new air handler and outside coils and on top of the fact that I could do a duel fuel system for only 200 more dollars and then get the old unit out of the attic through a small hole and then put the new unit in and make sure it doeesn't leak freon on the baby comming in 3 weeks has got me a little stretched thin.

But hey I'm 75 percent done. You never know. I might just be there.
Ok lost me there Marshall but I hope you make it. And I think we'll be troubleshooting vacuum leaks for a while. My dad agrees with that diagnosis. I don't know where the problem would be I thought everything was sealed pretty well.
I'm not gonna be able to make it. Got a reunion to go to on saturday. Wish you had told me earlier Marshall, I could of stopped by tonight and helped ya, and tomorrow I'm gonna be in Charlotte for the night for work. Sorry Man.

Damn Chuck, if you need some NC hospitality, don't be afraid to ask. Free food and lodging beats life on the road.

I know...

Oh, and sorry Richard, I won't be able to make it. These HAMOM outings are a stretch for me being so far away. I hope it's productive; I want to see that PIG on the trail!!! :cheers:
Thanks man, hopefully it will be out there soon. It kinda sucks though cause I'll be up here in Conway/MB all summer so the cruiser will just have to sit again running or not.

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