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Sep 26, 2002
Yakima, WA
Yesterday on my way to work I got pulled over for not having doors on my FJ 40. Didn't get ticketed, but where can I find documentation stipulating it is acceptable to run w/o doors on heeps and Cruisers.
find your state DOT regulations. Should have something in there.

IIRC, if your door sill is designed with a 3" lip (jeep and FJ have that) then you are ok...anything less requires a custom insert (IE: scouts and broncos)

However, all states have different regs.

Reminds me of the time I got pulled over for my windshield being folded down...officer searched for an hour for a non-existent regulation, ended up with a "no rearview mirror" ticket instead. I have searched the Wisconsin DOT regs and not found anything on it.
Yea, like the time I got the third degree because the windows of my Suburban were too dark--except they were factory installed and legal in 50 states and most of the free world! Aren't there gang bangers and child molesters to go look for? :mad:
woody, did you get outta your 'no rear view mirror" ticket? Was it in wisconsin?thanks.
my "no rear view mirror" was a fixit ticket, and solved while the officer stood there writing it, since I simply put my windshield back up with the center mirror attached. No actual fine issue.

Yes in WI, and AFAIK the laws still apply. Needs to have one mirrow that faces rearwards.

Part of my problem stemmed from him following me for 10 blocks with only his lights on...and with no mirror I hadn't noticed...hehehe
did you have side mirrors?
I am in NC and dont have a rear view mirror on my 4runner only side mirrors and it is 100% legal at least it passed inspection.
In NC if no windshield must wear glasses just like on a motorcycle.
Sounds like the guy (or gal) saw something strange and assumed that your vehicle did not meet some regulations. There is a definated hierarchy of regulations that need to be understood...

FMVSS (and CMVSS) - Federal Modor Vehicle Safety Standard (and Canada MVSS): These documents provide the MINIMUM guidelines for vehicle requirements. When an issue is not defined in SAE or state regulations, FMVSS is referred to. It's broken up into 4 categories - Crash Avoidance, Crashworthiness, Post Crash Standards, and Other Regulations.

SAE - Society of Automotive Engineers: Provides documents to further define requirements and test standards that are used to help engineers design parts and systems. SAE standards will refer to a specific FMVSS section.

State regulations - Each state has the authority to further specify requirements beyond FMVSS and SAE.

The cop must have had an issue with FMVSS 214 - Side Impact Protection. I have to read through the standard to find out if there is something that you can fight with. However you have to check with your local laws that coincide with the 214 standard and specify further requirements. &nbsp:Do you have nerf bars or any other side protection? This may be very important in your case. I'll hopefully give you good news soon.

Windshield folded down...
That one falls under FMVSS 111 - Rearview mirrors. I believe that the GVW stamped on the plate of my vehicle states a weight of 4650 pounds (for my '79 with a hard top). That barely makes it into the section S7 (vehicle weighing between 4,536 and 11,340 pounds. You are only required to have outside rearview mirrors on both sides. You had to be wearing glasses though because of the requirement of having a non shatterable media between your eyes and the road.
 Aren't there gang bangers and child molesters to go look for? :mad:

Everyone knows that the vehicle of choice for gang bangers and child molesters is the H**p! :D
I was told by an excop whos son is a highway patrol that you can run without doors in town, but not on the highway. thats in wyoming. I wouldnt go on just that, but Ive heard theres different rules here depending on whos jurisdiction your on, i.e. city, state, or federal
in wisconsin, you need to have a rearview mirror on the windshield, and a mirror on the drivers side...i read that while waiting in the police station ::) ;)
What if you tow a tall trailer all of the time--what good does a rear view mirror do??
Rear view is stupid expecially when they shake all the time and you cant see anything out of it anyway.
i know in victoria australia you can drive "a vehicle designed with removable doors, such as a 4x4 and postal van, without door as long as a primary restraint (seatbelt) is worn" as seatbelts are compulsory over here, that's easy, and the document in question states that although legal, it's not advisable.

although if you run with no roof, no roll bar, it's fine, but if you have a roll bar, it needs an engineers report... wouldn't any bar be better than no bar?
I had a Heep and ran with theWS folded down all the time. The rearview in the WS was the double balljoint kind, so when the WS was folded down, I simply readjusted the little mirror to stand up.
And tell me the effectiveness of canvass doors in side impact?
If'n de wans to futts wit ya, dey's gonna futts wit ya. ;)
Ed Long
Being a cop, and having worked in different states, I know that every state is different. For the most part. In CA, you could run w/o doors if your driver's mirror was attached to the body. So you needed a driver's mirror, at minimum. And yes, what good does a RV mirror do if it shakes all the time or you tow? There are MANY mundane laws on the books. Hopefully, you won't get caught by the cop who feels it's his/her personal duty to enforce them all. Personally, I believe in the "spirit" of the law, and not the "letter." Most motor vehicle laws are there for safety reasons.

That's my $.02.
In my 73 crawler I used to run with the WS down all the time around town. As soon as I knew I was going on the hwy I would put it up; just common sense. So, I had 6 people in my 40. No belts, no doors, no RR seats just 4 guys in the back hunkering down. I stopped prior to the 45 second drive on the hwy to put the WS up. Got stopped on the on ramp. The officer just wanted to point out that he would have stopped me later if I had not put the WS up. No problem with the massive list of other laws I was breaking!

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