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Gotta get outta here...
Sep 20, 2003
Well, the better half finally just got her LC, although not exactly what was originally planned.

There is good and bad news:
The good part is that it’s a nice ’03 (I know, I know) that she got it as an unbelievably good deal for what it is, because of relatively high mileage. This after a frustrating search that culminated in taking a plane ride to another city on the spur of the moment! Predictably the rig is truly awesome and will be a terrifically safe DD.
Bad part is that it’s way too nice and expensive to take off-road to more than just easy trails or desert, at least for a while. (Assuming the tires even allow that, more on that later.)

Soooo, the search is not over yet, sorry guys. I still need to get myself an 80 so we can actually get in the woods. And also to justify all this effort and time on researching the quirks of the beasts :D. Unfortunately, I’m going to have to stick with low $$ myself so I’m starting to think maybe a cosmetically challenged one so that I don’t hesitate to run through bushes and all, with no soul-searching about whether body armor is needed or not, you know how controversial a topic this is… ;)

I'll sell ya my 91. I have one I have my eye on that is pretty high dollar.
Just when you thought the e9999 story was finally over...the saga continues. :flipoff2: Congrats on the new ride. :cheers:
ah! didn't think you could get off so easy now, did ya?
Eduardo, which news? the news that we finally got a cruiser, or the news that I still need to get an 80? :D :D
I'm glad you finally "got off the pot" as we say in Texas. However, it sounds like your wife was the one that finally made the decision and she just let you come along for the ride.
absolutely right, Beo!
I provided technical info and she made the final decision (on different criteria than I would have, not so incidentally). Obviously, one knows that it is very unwise to make decisions for one's wife when it comes to daily transportation. This could come back to haunt one for a very long time...
Anyway, back to bizness. Waddya say I cut a hole in the fender for a snorkel? Bwaaahahhahahahah! :slap:

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