Got attacked by a dog today!!

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Oct 24, 2005
Cuba, MO
So I was taking the trailer that I pulled my FJ-40 home with, back to the PO. He had told me before that if no-one was home that his Giant German Shep. wouldn't let me near the house. But he also told me that "someone is always home"

So I pull into his front yard and get out. The dog comes up wagging his tail like he recognized me, WRONG. I walked gently around to unhook the trailer. He walked up across the trailer tongue from me. I let him smell me.........bad idea. He wrinkled up his nose, growled, barked, and started to run around the front of the truck instead of going over the trailer tongue(good thing for me).

In one smooth move I jumped into the front seat of my truck right as the dog grabbed my blue jean leg, ripping them pretty good in the process. So as he set there biting at my foot I just knew he was going to come on up into my truck with me and at that point I would be in trouble.

My first thought was, this is my fault and I CAN'T(won't) shoot him with the pistol I had in my glove compartment, the dog is just doing what he has been trained to do. Just as fast as that thought entered the dog lunged a bit and almost got ahold of my shoe. Enter next thought, I might have to shoot the dog.

Then he calmed down, and by calmed down I mean, quit biting and just barking. At that point I remembered I still had the house's phone number. I called and luckily the son hadn't got out of bed yet and he opened the door and the dog went inside......I came down from my perch in my truck, unhooked the trailer and left.

Very exciting, yet very frightening in the strength, speed, and quickness to agression the dog exhibitted.

Just thought I would share.

Wow, you're lucky and I think you know it. He's got 20 claws, full time 4WD, fangs and quick reactions. We humans forget what wimps we are even compared to an ordinary house pet, let alone a big shepard. Part of our leisurely lifestyle, I suppose.

Awkward situation, and I agree you couldn't have very well killed the dog without a raft of trouble.

Glad you are ok!
Did you have a spare pair of shorts?:D

Hope the turd stain comes out from your seat.;)

Seriously, I would have s*** my pants!!

Glad you're OK, minus the newly re-designed pant leg.:hillbilly:
the dog must have been trained to attack douchebags. good dog.
I'd 'a shot 'im.
Glad you weren't hurt.

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