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Jun 8, 2008
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So the 200 has needed a window for some time now. Based on this thread, and the wife on my back forever to get it done, I reluctantly called Expert Auto Glass / Chris A. (602) 900-1181. I kept putting it off b/c of all the horror stories you hear about poor installation jobs and crappy glass etc. I figured a cracked OEM window was better than a poor install and budget glass.

Chris A seemed well regarded in this thread so I figured I’d give it a shot, the time had come. Communications were great, he called my insurance co. with me on the line and got everything sorted out at once. My insurance authorized OEM glass, which he picked up from Toyota, along with the other necessary Toyota bits.

Upon arrival I notice a very clean and well put together mobile shop His van set up is pretty slick and everything was spotless. He went over everything, explained what he was going to do, how the moldings, rivets and such played into the install and then went to it.

He was organized, detailed and answered my questions smartly. Said he’s been doing this 18yrs I think, and it showed in his knowledge and confidence. The glass he took out was original factory glass. He knows Land Cruisers pretty well and states lately he'd been doing older ones.

So if any of you are on the fence, or still looking for a glass guy, I would definitely give two big thumbs up for Chris A at Expert Auto Glass.

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