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Jul 23, 2020
Eugene, Oregon
I'm the 3rd owner of a 320k+ mile 1997 FZJ80 as of last July. Getting the rig refreshed and trying to go through the major potential issues as time and budget allow. Listing what I've done here, I'm hoping that the wisdom of the interwebs can help me identify any big issues that I might be missing.

The P.O. was a nice old guy who put 99% highway miles on locally and took meticulous care of everything. He had good records and I trust his word (retired cop). He ran premium fuel and had a LOF done every 3k miles (I'm planning to do the same).
Here's the major stuff he had done before we bought it:
  • 270k - new radiator
  • 289k - change transmission fluid
  • 289k - AC system service
  • 305k - Transfer case fluid change
  • 306k - Starter replaced
  • 314k - Fuel filter replaced
  • 316k - Valve cover gasket replaced, new spark plugs
  • 316k - New heater valve, new belts all around
Here's what I've done since purchasing at 317k
  • 318k - F/R Differential service (new fluid, etc)
  • 319k - Replace distributor and gaskets (was ID'd as cracked and leaking)
  • 320k - Power steering pump replaced
  • 320k - Suspension replaced with Ironman 2" lift shocks and springs (1000% better than the OE that it had)
I've found a good local shop that is definitely LC friendly (the owner has 7 FJs of various vintage), so I feel like I'll have a good place to go for big things.

My question for the wisdom of y'all:
Are there any service items/replacements/known issues not listed here that I should be on the lookout for?
Thanks for any guidance and ideas you might want to share. I have learned a ton from this site so far and am enjoying the community.
(picture pre-suspension upgrade)



Mar 11, 2016
Earlysville, Va
The HG is the big obvious one, but honestly at 320k it could be anything at anytime, or it could be nothing for a while. If it were me, I'd probably drive it as is for a while until something major pops and then do a full rebuild. Roll it until you can't roll it anymore. If you really want to get it ready for another 300k as you say, it will need to be fully gone through at some point.


Jan 19, 2005
South west utah
Don't fix it if it ain't broke. Seriously, just drive it and fix whatever comes up. You could spend a lot of money doing things like a head gasket as "preventive maintenance" and than a week later someone might run a light and t-bone your rig or make you t-bone them. Than all that money spent on "preventive maintenance" will go down the drain when insurance totals the rig.

If you have a guy who knows his cruisers and he is a competent tech than just have him make sure it is safe to drive and enjoy the rig.
Jan 6, 2012
I had rust starting in the glass seal areas. Removing the glass I was able to catch it all early before the rust had spread much and it was easy to repair. Also had rust developing in the bottom of the inside of the quarter panels. I was able to repair that easily to before it got bad. Replacing all hoses is also a good idea.

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