general maintenance

  1. BuddhaCruiser

    Getting the FZJ80 ready for another 300k

    I'm the 3rd owner of a 320k+ mile 1997 FZJ80 as of last July. Getting the rig refreshed and trying to go through the major potential issues as time and budget allow. Listing what I've done here, I'm hoping that the wisdom of the interwebs can help me identify any big issues that I might be...
  2. K

    shims under main journal?? 1969 fj40

    Shims say. 20 on them main bearings say standard. Can someone help me please??
  3. C

    Recommended maintenance for my 80

    hello everyone, I love these forums, and have used this site quite a bit to fix some simple things on my 80 series anniversary edition and so decided to sign up. I just fixed my own brakes, new rotors and pads on the front and just pads on the back. Not a hard repair, but not bad for a girl...
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