scheduled maintenance

  1. roostabunny

    3FE Basic Ignition maintenance

    Finally changing plugs/wires/disty/rotor. Partly because I've been driving the truck for two years without doing it and I have no idea when/if the PO ever did it, partly because she's running a bit uneven, and partly as prep and "rehearsal" for an overdue valve adjustment. This post is...
  2. LCHardriver_02

    Drive Belt (serpentine) Replacement schedule

    This may sound like a silly question, but how often should you expect to replace your drive belt. I have looked through the maintenance schedule and it just has you inspect it every 15K miles, starting at the 60K mile maintenance interval. It looks to only NEED to be replaced if it is cracked...
  3. tmoore41

    Best PM Schedule post 100K and Anyone use software for tracking repairs?

    I feel like I probably missed this somewhere in previous post or FAQ. I've been searching MUD for over an hour and have not had a ton of luck yet. If I have please forgive me and point me in right direction. I have the owner manual for my 95 and the FSM, so I have a pretty good idea on PM. I...
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