FZJ85 Update!

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So thats stock right? :D NICE!!!
I am green (or should i say yellow?) with envy.
Very cool. :bow:
hard to believe thats a land cruiser... or was a land cruiser
Actually pretty close to stock :D

It is 851 springs in the front and 860 springs in the rear. No swaybars, 4" spacer in the front and 1.5" spacer in the rear. The key is the longer shocks. Rancho 9000's that is 36" extended. I cut the top shock mounts on the front and extended them 5" up into the engine bay.

Also cut the upper rear mounts open and ran the shocks up to the hoop that the tire sits on.

Finally got sliders installed today. Should be ready to test wheel this weekend.
That is a sweet looking truck Christo. Those 36" long shocks sound huge. Just for comparisons sake; how long are the OME shocks?

Someday Christo, when I am a rich man with many responsibilities, I will bring you a frsh Cruiser to do a mega build up for me on.

You are the man!
Coooolllllll!!!!!!! :D
That is close to what I would like to do but cut the cargo area off and put a pu box on the back.

The yellow beast runs the 4+ trails: "33 inch minimum tire required, 1 locker required, 2 recomended, tow strap required, winch recomended, BODY DAMAGE LIKELY" :eek:

And no, I did not make that up........ :dunno:
Coooolllllll!!!!!!! :D

There it is for all you guys down south!!! :D
Upcruiser, currently for Cruise Moab I am leading Behind the Rocks on Friday and Golden Spike on Saturday. The rest is still open.

I am going down on Monday 28 April, we plan to run the tough stuff early the week, like Upper Helldorado, Rusty Nail etc. Those are all non-sactioned runs.

Yes, the plan is to have the other truck there too. It has the fridge in it, so I have to bring it for the :beer:
Who's that guy in the drivers seat?:dunno: That's not you!

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