Fuel problem?

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Oct 3, 2015
Chillicothe, Texas and Bella Vista, Arkansas
68 with original engine. If it sets for few days, have to crank a long time to get it to start. If starting every day it starts right up. Also 3 times now going down the road it acts like its running out of gas for 5 seconds or so, then clears back up. Any ideas? Fuel pump going out?
If looking at a fuel starvation issue think of where the bottlenecks could be. My first guess is a clogged or partially clogged fuel filter.

This could explain taking a long time to get fuel from the tank to the carb and stalling momentarily on the road, probably when higher fuel flow is needed.
2 separate issues.
Sitting for a few days, then long cranking time is normal for a carburetor with RFG and no vapor recovery system.

Running down the road and feeling sluggish is probably a fuel starve (leanout) issue. Intermittency makes me look to the carb float bowl first for FOD in the bowl getting sucked up against a jet.
Have you examined any old fuel filters to see if they get full of contaminants? My '68 tank was so rusty that it would completely clog a fuel filter in about 150 miles. In your case, if it happens intermittently and you never have to change the filter to keep it running, I would open the carb and check the float to see if it sticks (maybe it has a bulky aftermarket replacement float) or it just needs cleaned out. Obviously check the fuel filters first! If it has been poorly rebuilt maybe the bowl gasket is not sealing tightly, and maybe helping the fuel evaporate more quickly when it has been off for a few days. Either way a few extra cranks after setting is pretty normal.

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