Fuel line with two pumps...?

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Jun 25, 2003
Rixeyville, VA
It wasnt until a couple months after i bought my 40 i realized when charging the stock fuel pump that my 40 actually had 2 fuel pumps and 2 fuel filter in the system. the 2 filter didnt worry me and i have since kept 2 filters in it. although i did take out the elecrtic pump which had been installed. i still a brand new oem style pump on it and it seems to run fine but oddly enough my cruiser seems to be quicker with a full tank of gas...could this have to do the the electric pump i cut out and where can cheap electric pumps to bought..although i dont see why i need 2 pumps. thanks
probably a "pusher" pump to keep pressure on the stock one, or because the stocker was dead and they were too cheap to do it right. IMO, a bad idea, since it effectively blow thru the stock pump and can cause issues.

I would inspect the lines tho to ensure the elect pump wasn't compensating for an issue the PO couldn't find, or didn't look for.
Nothing wrong with a pusher pump. I have used one for a long while. Get a fuel pressure gauge to make sure the stock pump is good. You can get a flow through ele pump and mount it upstream of the stock pump. Fuel passes through it like a pipe until it gets ele then it pumps. Good trail life saver.
I will defer to David's vastly greater knowledge and experience, but I have heard of two problems with elec. pusher pumps.
1)Bad diaphragm in the mech, no one knows cause it still works with the electric pump and all the while gas is leakin into the sump.
2)Heard of guys having pusher pumps in front of mechanical pump that when the mechanical pump went bad the elec had trouble gettin gas through and the truck ran like crap.
I guess it all depends on whether or not the stock pump is in working order, but if it was me I would run one or the other and keep a spare. Napa electric about $40 is what I run as a primary, my mech. pump died and the electric was half the cost. I will eventually replace the stocker and keep the electric as a spare.
I will defer to David's vastly greater knowledge and experience, but I have heard of two problems with elec. pusher pumps

I might suggest vastly greater gut and lack of paintence :flipoff2:

What I meant to say was to run the ele pump upstream without having it connected. You can buy flow through pumps. With no DC current they are just like a pipe. When current is applied they pump. No issue that way with the stock pump. If the stock goes out then you hook up the ele. Also a good thing to have in the spares box.

An electric pump is just another sucker on an already weak ele system. Good for emergencies but not for daily use.
On our offroad race truck we have two inline fuel pumps. The extra one is for emergency use only if the first one should go out. That could have been the previous owners thinking if they were the right pumps.

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