Front differential studs / nuts

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Feb 26, 2015
Coweta, OK
When I pulled my front third-member, about half of the studs came out because the nuts were rusted solid. The dealer price to replace the hardware was pretty high (even with a discount), and I question the serviceability of the rusted old ones.

Question is, are the OEM studs, washer, bolts a necessity.... or can I use flange bolts to secure it? Any harm in using bolts rather than studs?
They used studs for a reason, not trying to be mean but if you can't afford those then this probably isn't the truck for you
right, so what is the reason? Was it economics during the build or is there a specific technical reason to use the studs? that was my question. Sorry if I was not clear.

@ajax1 : your comment wasn't really mean but it was kindof ass-ish. Just because I dont want to open my pockets to Mr. T doesn't mean I cant afford to run my rig. Too bad mud doesnt allow the post creator to delete dumbass replies. Either way, thanks for stating the obvious.
Don`t know for sure, but I thought the studs were used to hang the third on when installing it. Same as the manifold.
I don`t see why you couldn't use bolts to put it back on. IMHO
There are no dowels on the third because it's all studs. It would SUUUUUUCK to put on a third while holding it place trying to thread in bolts.
that was my thought, I planned on re-using the studs that didn't come out, to help hang it.

The cost of a bolt is under $1 .... the cost of a dealer stud washer and nut is over $7 and there are 10 of them. Was just trying to save a couple bucks.
On my mini truck I replaced all the studs with button head bolts. You should be able to thread them in from inside the housing. so they will appear as studs from the outside. I threadlocked them in place and they never moved. Should be able to do the same on 80 axles.
This would save you having to buy the studs as they are expensive and there was some talk about them being stronger.... I have seen thirds rip out of an axle housing at drag race events, but not on anything with a toyota engine that for sure, so I am not sure the strength gain is something you need to worry about
forget the studs. use bolts, never look back

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