Front bumper question

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To be honest, I don't personally like it. However, what it really boils down to is, Do you like it? If you do then that is all that really matters. I personally like the ARB bullbar that is on the ICONs. BUT, I am going to have a local fabricator make one very similar just a little more narrow.
They remind me of a couple heeps that i've seen. If you can afford it go custom, and get something you really like, but if thats what you like get it. I haven't heard any complaints about it, just more a style issue for me.
For $500? Not so much. Contact HawkDriver, he makes a much nicer bumper.



A mate of mine had something similar that came with his 40, looked very ordinary & the first time he took it off road he bent the ends back. Now that he's cut the ends off it looks heaps better & it's a lot more practical too. I'd look at something else if were me.
Picture 408.jpg
JAMIESON 08 37.jpg
Thanks for the input. I personally like the ARB 3420020 like the one on the icons, but I am trying to weigh all options short of having one built.

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