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Apr 20, 2003
NE PA coal region
I have some body parts here from a 71 piggy that I stripped awhile back. Nothing is perfect so there is no free gold here. What there is: a decent usable hood has some rust at the front edge as do a lot of them. A tailgate with some rust issues but it is basically solid and repairable. Four doors I think they're all pretty good. Doors and tailgate are green and white. Located northeast PA not far from Rausch Creek and AAOA offroad parks, come and get 'em. Also have a spare tire holder crossmember free for the asking, but I did remove the chain lift assembly and it's currently in place under my LX470! Best to email me
Sent an email re the doors
How's the tailgate handle? If it's any good and if you are willing to pull it and ship it to NC, I'll be glad to throw some cash in your direction. PM me if you are interested. I'd take the whole tailgate, but I think shipping would make it cost prohibitive.
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