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Jan 25, 2007
Lincoln, CA
Hey guys.. I have a ton of parts in Middlefield CT that are sitting in a shed in my parents yard and I would love to get rid of them.

here is a list of stuff that is most likely there... I will be home memorial day weekend if you want to drop by sunday morning to pick some stuff up.. other than Sunday I can get you in touch with my parents to coordinate picking parts up.

here's the list.. and pictures Pictures by antfj - Photobucket

big stuff
1976 Cowl
1978 Cowl
76 hood - needs lots of work
76 front doors - rusty
76 rear amby doors - rusty
driver fender
74-earlier apron
later apron
68 bezel
2F head
2F bellhousing
2F Flywheel
78 exhaust manifold
2F radiator - worked when pulled no leaks

small stuff
complete smog set up off a 1978 2F
2F valve cover
Man-a-fre heat fluid riser

UPDATED - this is whats left
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I should have clarified.. i currently live in Mississippi... let me see if my brother can get that manifold..
I'm interested in the red cowl.
So what's up with this stuff? Anyone heard about any of the parts they wanted, or
been contacted?
my bad.. i thought i responded to your post here - honestly a bunch of people came through but then a bunch of people said they were going to come and get stuff and never did - i'll update the list - someone said they would take the motor but you can't even get to it right now since my dads car is in the way.. and the tent/garage thing i built caved in on top of that... quite a mess that he wants to clean up.. but i'm not sure when that'll be. everything else is easily accessible.

everything is updated

also i rarely make it over to this forum so shoot me a PM
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