Frame mods or enhancements?

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Jun 9, 2011
Evanston, IL
I have been reading about frame cracks and have seen multiple threads where others added a support to their rear leaf spring hangar (Recommendations for a reputable shop to do frame repair - East Valley?).

I currently have my 1972 FJ40 down to frame and suspension. Next will be separating the frame, getting it blasted, then taken to a welder to replace front shock mounts with F250 type, fix and cracks, and remove the front bumper and winch supports PO welded on. After welding, I hope to have frame dipped and powdercoated.

This got me thinking - are there other recommended frame mods that I could get done now before I get it dipped?

Here are a few pics of where I stand now:

Are you going to leave the factory steering or convert to power? If so this might be a good time to tackle that before getting the frame coated.
@White Stripe no I don't plan on doing that. Sorry if my post was misleading - I've never welded or done metal work so I'm pretty clueless.

@B y r o n I am indeed switching over to power steering. Definitely going to have the frame setup for the FJ60 gear box before I get it dipped, because there is a access hole on the inside of the frame rail where the steering box will mount (3rd picture). I imagine I would need to have that accesshole boxed in, then drill the new holes where the gear box will mount to the frame. Planning to use the Iron Pig template.

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