for sale: 89 FJ62 with blown engine

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More Pictures

more pictures
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last set of more pictures, sorry for crap quality

more pictures
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A 40 with no motor??!!!! Isnt that illegal or something?
Looking at the fourth picture: is the hood popped or does it not close all the way.

Smog Cert?
Same questions as RredFJ40 plus are the c-pillars threaded and how bad is the headliner?

Thought of another one. With the Arb Sidebars: how are they mounted? Are they strong enough to use as a hi lift point?
it's available
The potential buyer didn't buy it

I have a list of people who were interested and I tried to do it fairly and in order but I just don't have the time to keep on top of it

First person with the right amount of money gets it!

yes, hood is just popped up. It is not normally like that lol. Smog, it passed with no issues last time it was smogged, ill will smog it before selling it.

what do you mean by c pillars threaded? the headliner is in great condition, only bad thing about it is it is slightly pulling away from the edge on the back corner drivers side, ill try to get a picture of it to show it. the arb side bars are mounted with u bolts to the frame, 2 on each side. as for strong enough to use for high lift point, im not sure. maybe someone that has them could say yes or no. i personally have not lifted it via the side bars.
M 416?

Jim, It ain't a 416, but it is a military light pllant flatbed, with added sides, tailgate, new lighting, and 2' side extensions for hauling brush, etc. $800.00 includes an Arizona perminant plate, and the 2" reciever style pintal connector.
Call me at (520)400-5966, or e-mail me. Earl
Thumper, If the hole in the c-pillar is threaded then it is an easy job to add so shoulder belts, if it is just a hole then the job of adding shoulder belts is not so easy. Seem like some 60's are threaded and some are not.
hmm, im gonna assume you mean for the back seat then. the front seats have shoulder/lap belt that are the stock ones. I do not know if they are threaded, but i can check this weekend for you. i hope that answers the question, but probably not lol.

Trailer prices?

It looks like no one will ever know, as it's all done by sealed bid, unless you'r a sucsesfull bidder! I paid well over $400.00, and built the body. This trailer is also equiped with a working parking brake. Earl
Hey Thumper, I still see you got that beast...remember, If you dont get what you were wishing to get give me a call or email. I have been watching the beast for the past week or soo and was wondering if it sold or not on ebay? Let me know, Chans
i will keep you in mind chans. thanks for reminding me :cool:
'78 FJ40 - Denver, CO

I have slowly come to the conclusion that I might as well part ways with my '78 FJ40. To keep things short, I will just say that it is a relatively stock FJ40 with a new, poly-type fuel tank, 4" Skyjacker lift, and a set of five 33"x 10.50" BF Goodrich Mud Terrains. It was de-smogged by the previous owner (hence the WY plates in CO). Unfortunately, I do not have any of the smog equipment (including the smog pump & air by-pass valve).

I am currently asking $2,500 O.B.O.

I have posted additional information at:

If you need even more information, feel free to e-mail me at halothree (at)

Looks like someone's going to get a screaming deal on a solid truck. Loft, wheels and tires are nearly worth the asking price.

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