FJ62 Factory Fuel Tank Range with 3FE (1 Viewer)

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Mar 22, 2021
Metairie, LA
I changed my AFM and getting better distance! May change out some other parts. Before I attack injectors….

What’s everyones range on a standard FJ62 with 3FE Fuel tank? 23.8 gallons.

With my H55F and 33" tires I average 14 MPG. I usually figure on the conservative side with how far I can travel so leaving a 3 gallon reserve and estimating 13.5 MPG that allows me 280 miles on a full tank before I NEED to fill up (or at least pour a Jerry can in). When I had the A440F and 31" tires, I averaged 11 MPG.

There are so many factors that can wildly affect our range that it's honestly best to figure your own rig's average and then play it safe from that point when planning a trip. Our rigs are so NOT aerodynamic that winds alone can make a huge difference. A good tailwind across WA State on a trip got me my best with the H55F at 16.2 MPG, and a couple years later fighting a strong headwind where I couldn't even keep it in 5th gear and maintain 70 MPH landed me with 7.3 MPG.
I probably get around 250-270miles a tank with lots of highway driving. When I was doing a lot of highway commuting I was getting about 14mpg, that is with 30" AT tires and a roof rack.
Just filled her up. Gas stopped 4 gallons shy of 23.8 with 242 miles. I’m thinking flat E is 3.8 gallons left. So I’m thinking 250 miles on 19.8 gallons or 12.5mpg on 31 BFG ATs. 65% hwy/35% city. So I guess actual is higher?

Big improvement from 7mpg by changing the AFM with no codes.
I usually stop around the 200 mile area, I usually need to get out and stretch and walk around by then anyway.
It would depend if the driving was around town or open highway. 200 miles at 11 mpg would show quite low on the gas gauge.

I always thought that the distance between gas stations from Coldfoot to Prudhoe bay on The Dalton highway (240 miles) would really be pushing my luck but doable.

Never made the trip in my 62. Perhaps this adventure will happen in the 80. I'm confident it could make that distance on a tank.

Fuelly app wit the stats. 31" tires.

and just for a fun comparison....

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