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Ok, I've been trying to get a FJ60 as my DD to go along with "The Beast"

Been checking almost every night for months...except for two weeks ago when i didn't check on a Tues night....still feel like throwing up from missing out on this one. :bang:


Gives an idea of what I'm looking for (upper end for $ on a finished rig)...woulda paid $19.9K in a heart beat for this one....not...gonna...cry....anyone know of this rig's clone?

If I couldn't find a finished rig like this I'd be happy to find a stock rig that had a straight body, no rust (want a clean SW/Cali rig). I really wouldn't care about the long term viability of the engine in this type of scenario...I want to go with a 5.3 vortec. Do realize that going this route instead of buying a finished rig will end up costing more...but would expect to pay accordingly as well. Stock paint would be a plus in this case...better insight into what you're gettting.

top colors are:
1. Silver or white
2. Dark gray

Ideal year is 84-87 (really like the round eyes vs the 62's)

Going to keep scouring on a daily basis as well.


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any interest in mine
I know its not at the level you were looking for. But its a clean straight rig that has not been trail bashed.

And I have a freshly rebuilt 5.3 with good tranny and wiring harness that I was going to put in my jeep.
But stopped on that project. Motor was rebuilt Now I have a box of cams and other stuff to finish the build but time for project. Myabe we could do something with the motor and the truck on a deal.
444Kyle, have seen your rig...its very cool...but it wouldn't work as a DD for me....that thing is hard core. :) Can't believe it hasn't sold yet, seems like a very fair price (deal actually) for what you have into it. GLWS.
Yeh It was my DD for awhile. I started the project for it to be my DD on 33's. But installed the spring lift and was not happy so just went ahead a and did the SOA. So after I did that and spacers to get it sitting level. It is now a little bigger DD.
Yeah I actually have three 5.3's sitting here and have thought about putting one in it but no funding or time to do it right.
I have had several people wanting it but they all have been up north and see nothing but rusted out bodies and frames. So I cant get anyone to come down a and check it out. Its hard to find a rig that has been in warm weather all its life. That's why I paid a little more than I should have when I bought it. But now after all said and done I have right at 10k into it and hate to see it not moving forward with the restoration or getting played with. So just need to sell it.
Good luck with finding you a new rig.

I am getting ready to list mine here shortly. Send me a pm with your email address and I'll send you some details.
yeah, but link wasn't working, hadn't heard back from my PM on this one.
I just did....sending you a PM right now.
I'm thinking of listing mine. Pm if you want more pics and info. 1986 fj60


Snickles, that is pristine...only problem for me is that at $15K for what looks to be bone stock I'd be looking at having to spend another $15K min to get the V8 done...that gets pricey. Just gotta find one of these starting in the SW if I'm going to go the swap route...thanks for the link though...I'd only been looking in the SW on craigslist so far.
No problem just throwing ideas out there for you and anyone else out there.
I'm considering selling my rig. 86 with a 5.3vortec conversion. Send me a pm with your email and I can send you details.
there is a white 83 in Gig Harbor for sale(CL).......dont bother with it. Saw it before it was for sale.....i am still laughing
I have a 1986 FJ60 tbi 350 that I have been thinking about selling or trading. Just bought it a few months ago and already had and still have a 1984 BJ60. It is very nice and you can mud search it as 1986 FJ60 tbi 350 in SC. That has all the info about the truck besides what I have done additionally. Let me know if it flicks your bic.

I'm a newbie to this site and I've just been bitten by the Cruiser bug.

I'm looking for the same thing you are, but I will probably have to wait until my family requirements and spending allowances are in alignment.

Here's something you might be interested in from CL:


A minty fresh '87 with a freshly rebuilt engine and tranny. Looks superclean.

Hope all is well.

Great. My first post ever and I misspeak.

It's an '83.

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