fj60 steering wheel on an early 40

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Oct 9, 2007
Norfolk United Kingdom
i used a fj62-88 and...

it fit, but needed to be lifted up 2 inches. even the steering tilt did not allow for my legs under the steering wheel. Also, I cut off the steering/break forks and that is where i raised up the wheel at.

so all the controls on the the tree now and there is the tilt. and my old hardly working head light swtich goes away. and the relays and fuses from the fj62, come over to the fj40-1/69, an dthe old man gets new life....
the oldest fj40 i have put that wheel on is 73 it fit right on .if you want the signals to return you have to drill 2 holes in the 60 wheel and add pins.this has been covered before .also search and find when the splines changed i think 65 and 66 are different but dont know about the 71 good luck

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