FJ55 rears on a 40 - rear shock mounts

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Aug 9, 2005
Cary, NC
Anybody running this config (or flipped 40 rears too I would think) sees the rear shock mounts must be relocated. Did most of you replace the crossmember, or come off the back of it with the mounts?

Pics are appreciated if you have any nifty ideas. Also, what shocks (stroke length and valving) are you running?


:beer: Ramon
I just drilled a hole thru the crossmember and welded a 5/8" grade 8 bolt.

I will see if I have some pics @ home.
Thanks fussy, that might be what I wind up doing too.

:beer: R
I drilled a hole next to the stock mount and welded in a tube for a 5/8 bolt going out the back.


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