FJ45 lifting problem

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Apr 4, 2011
Hong Kong
i have bought a 1977 FJ45 LWB from australia and the previous owner had lifted up for approx. 4" however the right shock is hitting the steering tie rod:frown:, since i am a newbie of FJ any bros here could give me advise?:confused: anything wrong or parts that might be installed in a wrong way?

thanks a lot.
if it's the rod from the gearbox to the center arm, it's common practice to bend it a little to get it away from the shock. you can also make a different shock perch that will bring the shock up in a straighter line
Cut the shock tab off of the axle housing and re-weld it about 1/2" outboard from it's original location, and all should be well. That is what I did on my 45 with 5" of lift.

Make sure to do a full mock up and swivel the knuckle back and forth to make sure the tab is oriented so as to keep the knuckle from hitting the shock, as they will be much closer in the new position.


Mark A.

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