FJ40 Roll Cage $$

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Dec 29, 2002
Walnut Creek, CA
I have been pricing a family cage for my fj40 and was suprised at the high cost. How much should this cost on average? I know custom stuff is expensive.
cages can run anywhere from $500 for a cheapie to $1000+ for a full frame mount with seat brackets. Mine had over $350 in tubing alone (at cost!)
Mine was $900. Woody is right on in his estimate as when I called around everything was $500-1000.
what is you skull worth :D
If your like me, I found a toyota rock buggy that had no drive train in it for $200. :D I cut the cage out of it and I am currently working on a full roll cage! What I am saying is keep your eyes peeled for deals!
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Mine was $900. Woody is right on in his estimate as when I called around everything was $500-1000.

Whre did you get your cage from? I was quoted well over $1000 for a family cage.
My skull is worth lots of money but I hate to be taken advantage of.
I said I wasn't going to do this ...but it seems appropriate given the subject....


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In motorcycle racing we say "You put a five dollar helmet on a five dollar head".
Deep South Cruisers is absolutely correct.
What's your family worth?
A friend of mine aquired a stock roll bar identical to his original. He removed the rears and installed the new front loop in the rear location. He then tied the two loops together by cutting the rears at the right length to be welded together forming a straight, bolt in, horizontal crossbar, between main loops. A few more pieces were added, staying with the factory styling, and all these bolt in connections were carefully welded. The finished product is a solid, complete family cage that looks like it came from the factory. The whole thing cost less than $500. It fits perfectly in the factory hardtop. He is also able to ditch the hardtop and use two bikinis to cover the whole top or either half as needed.
(He got the used original rollbar really cheap from another fella who was changing to a custom cage.)
I spent over a year studying design prior to commissioning my cage to be built. I looked not only at materials, but also bracing, mounting, impact points, and the types of trails I run.

My cage is not only light, but strong, and has withstood numerous hard impacts without problems. I'm in the process of another minor addition right now...expanded metal above the driver/passenger head, for brush protection and for falling debris...

....had a 200# rock roll onto my hood and thru my windshield recently...3' further forward and I'd have it implanted in my melon. For the level of extremes I take the vehicle, the additional protection is a necessity.
Check out

There is one other site I will have to find when I get home. They seem to do good work, although I don't know first hand.
Luke at 4x4 Labs in Grass Valley did mine. Also try Pepper at Pep Daddy's in Auburn, and Phil SillyFab (Sillyneck on PBB) in Chico. Also try Jeff Carter at Hangtown Extreme in Placerville. I would probably not have 4x4 labs do another one for me. It took a while for them to get my cage right so it fit with my hardtop. Phil does some sweet work (lots of his work on the PBB, just do a search). There are lots of places in the greater Sacramento area/valley that can do a good strong cage for $500 to $1000, just depends on the material and how elaborate you get.

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