First 4Runner - 1986

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Test appropriately
Jul 10, 2004
Central Texas
Greetings mudders,

Just wanted to say hello and post up my new rig. Been hunting a while and finally settled on this Runner.

Fun 2 drive. Nice list started of repairs including AC repair and conversion.

Whats up?


WOW, nice clean SR5. Thanks for the obligatory pic. How about some more details. How is the interior? Any mods besides the nurf bars? Plans? What'cha gonna do with it?
Im new to runners. Had a few cruisers but this deal just kinda worked out.
Interior is not bad. Previous owner reupholstered the back seat. The paint is new. Like to have seen the pre paint look but it does show nice.
Factory AC component are present but non operational. In talking to the previous owners mechanic, it seems he feels the next repair should be a timing chain replacement.
212k miles...Manual - Cool seats with a turbo logo on em.
Previous owner repainted and reupholstered the back seat.
A healthy timing chain is important. But, check the rest of the engine. If the engine has high miles, or has any other issues I would do the timing chain as part of an engine rebuild. That way you are not doing work twice.
Id really like to find a 22re on the cheap and rebuild it in dry dock while I drive the little white beast around.

22re engines are a dime a dozen. At least here in NM.
What engine?
So the rear passangers can get out on their own.
Push foot lever on the passanger front seat and you can open the door to get out without extra effort.
22re. Why in the world are there 2 door handles on the passenger side?

When you are driving, that second door handle is also easier to open when you reach across. Love it.
Soooo the heater hose(short) on the firewall let go today. Replaced it. But cannot get the end at the firewall to seal on that thin copper buggered up fitting. For now no heat. I bypassed and cleaned up. Let the fun begin right?

Did you use an OEM hose? Seriously, aftermarket parts store hoses will leak and never seal.
Did you use an OEM hose? Seriously, aftermarket parts store hoses will leak and never seal.

Nope. I used bulk hose bent in half. Not the best but it was a field fix.
I wouldn't be surprised if that fitting is toast.
Also: Ideas for hood rods. The custom bent metal rod that holds up the hood. If Im gonna be all under the hood I need a decent way to hold it up.
You-pull boneyards can be your friend.

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