Finished front knuckle drum to disk upgrade

Captn Conch

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Jun 7, 2010
Colorful Colorado
Sure you need a booster? I installed front and rear discs years ago (JTO) with disabled booster (1971) and no prop valve. I never had to really test the brakes until last week here in Freaking Florida Heavy Snowbird Traffic. Upon briskly turning onto an entry lane on a very busy flyover I was rubbernecking to make sure all was clear when I realized the car in front of me had suddenly come to a full stop in the middle of the lane! As she decided she did not want to go that way I had to hit the brakes, lock 'em up and with a bit of a skid swerve was able to miss the meathead. No power assist and it did not take much effort. I do not miss the vacuum powered booster. I had full control and the braking was efficient, powerful and controlled. To me disks are not an option but a necessity. I have never missed the boosted power brakes or funky drums. Running heavy 33x 9.50-15's on steel wheels.
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