Finally found squealing noise in engine!!

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Oct 22, 2003
Shingle Springs, California
For over a year now, I've had a hitteous squeal from my 3FE. It bothered me, but I never really did anyhting about it. I was home sick today, and bored, so I went after it, and found it was coming from my A/C idler pulley!! $22.00 fro SOR. Yeah!!

While removing the belts to g et to the pulley, I had to loosen the P/S pump, and I noticed my hose leaking. I thought I could just replace one hose, but it appears it comes as an entire assy. SOR= $412.00 :mad:

Beans compared to what C-Dan is going through, I know, but at least I don't have to be embarrased about my squeal anymore. Especially in drive-thru's!!
i know its totally unrelated but i did my power steering upgrade on my 40 and had to have custom hoses made. it wasnt a bad process and you could either reuse the ends or just get the ends new and get hoses made.j ust an idea. definetly worrth looking into........412 bucks........for hoses?
Grab your ankles...

You could do better.
It's the line on the side of the pump. Unfortunately it's where the end of the metal elbow meets the crimp before the rubber hose. It's ot a bad leak, it just seeps very slightly, but it will not get better!!
If its the return line (off the side of the pump reservoir), just go to the local parts store and get some 3/8" id hose. I just did this two weeks ago. It is not a high pressure line, two weeks and not a drop of a leak. Also, you might get about 6ft extra, a 3/8" plastic tee and some 3/8" plugs and you have a PS flushing SST that is ALOT cleaner than the FSM method. ( can't remember who posted that, but THANKS :beer:, trying to give proper credit where due). HTH
I helped a fellow cruiserhead installing a rebuilt PS pump. Not that bad, high pressure hose around $120 and the return is your money!!
I know CDan would beat that quote by SOR

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