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fender flares

Mar 15, 2003
so what are you guys using for fender flares on an extended wheelbase cruiser currently i am running the specter UB 40 ones they seem to be good but i am extending out my wheelbase in the rear about 5 inches so what to do now?
Mar 27, 2003
Georgia Tech
Sorry I can't help but I have a quick question: I am running the UB40 flares too, but mine are sort of oxidizing.  Not apparent from more than 20 feet away, but up close there is a white discoloration all over?? Did this happen to you? ??? Try sending us a picture of what it looks like with the extension. If you can weld, some diamond plate flares combined with diamond plate rear quarters would look cool.
Mar 13, 2003
Raleign / Durham, NC
I had some concerns about the price of my UB40 flares for Cruiser 1. For my trail beater Cruiser 2, I didn't want to spend that much. I went searching for alternatives and found a company named Pacer that makes several EPDM rubber extrusions. I got the 2" surface mount extensions (that you can trim to fit to length) for about $40. You get 2 flares - I'm not sure how long, but there was plenty extra for my application. My sister works for the special parts department at Murray's Auto Parts here in the Detroit area. I would imagine that you could have your local parts store order them for you without a problem. There may be other manufacturers that make that kind of part, it wouldn't hurt to ask the guy (or gal) at the store.
I remember they also had some lip mount flares that you may be able to mount to the front fenders.
Even at $40 for a pair of extrusions seems pretty high (I work in the auto industry, and don't think that any of the EPDM parts were too expensive), but it's better than having to pay $100 for UB40's.

Hope it helps...

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