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Feb 5, 2006
Hi guys ... Still ordering parts for my 1996 Lx 450 ... what are my options as far as exhaust ... I am a retired wench ... I was looking at the exhaust ... the down pipe off the manifold looks like a real pain in the butt...
Mine looks like it will last a few more years ... but the cat will be lucky to last the year , I was concidering just puting a single cat , move the rear O2 sensor away from the bend and just have a exhaust guy run the rest ...I can't trust them playing around with that sensor .

Are there any companys offering a complete exhaust replacement .

What are my options :bounce:

Thanks Guys

search on catback.
some have done borla but there are some fit issues that are minor.
I need to do the same with my 96 80.
I will probably just hit a local exhaust shop.
I have had a couply look and they said about $200.
I would get the OEM hangers from CDan or dealer first.

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