Evaporative Emission Control?

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Jan 28, 2003
Hey everyone, first time to post a question. I recently purchased a 1984 FJ60 . Over the last few months, I have inspected each emissions system, using the toyota emissions control manual. I am currently trying to figure out the Evaporative Emission control system. I ran all the tests in the emission manual and found that my "to tank port" on the charcoal canister is pluged. All other components for the EVAP seem to be OK. Is this a problem? I disconnected the charcoal canister, blocked off all vacuum lines and ran the truck in this condition for a few days. This seemed to make the truck hard to start. I put the system back on, and the truck was back to starting as normal. &nbsp:Does any one know if the EVAP system serves a purpose other than filtering fumes from the tank and float chamber? Could a pluged cansiter cause poor gas mileage or a bump in engine idle. Is there a proper way to remove it? thanks.

A buddy had the same problem. I removed the canister and unclogged the port with a coat hanger. Some more crap came out of it, but it worked just fine after that.

If you block off the lines that can be bad, make sure to leave the one open, you'll loose some vapors, but you dont get pressuer build up in the tank
Thanks for the input Bull and Mavric1298.  Bull, I will try the coat hanger in the morning.  If I can free the "to tank port", I will probably leave the system in tact.  I am still curious as to the affect on mileage, and does anybody know if the float chamber on the stock carb. needs to breathe through the charcoal canister?  Seems to me that the whole system  robs the engine of vacuum and further evaporates the fuel in the tank and float chanber when it kicks on.


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