ES300 seats in a LX450/FJ80?

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Dec 27, 2017
Anyone know if these seats will fit in a LX450? I found some in good shape and the color matches the tan interior pretty well. Plus, they're comfy. The stock side bolsters and seat backs are killing my back in my LX450. Plus they're ripped up so I would rather not cover them again. I'm looking for some soft seats this time -:)
Search replacement seats on here. Tons of options
I agree, years of search data for sure. I've looked through the threads over the past year and had my mind set on Audi or VW seats that others have done. However, I came across some nice ES300 seats locally. I have yet to find anything regarding ES300 seats though on the search. I wanted to know if anyone had tried that combo with some custom brackets. Thanks
Never seen it done. Measure the height of the es300 rails and lower cushion and the width of the lower cushion and the width of the rails. Then you can see if it's feasible. I wouldn't use any German seats, Europe car companies do not have very good electronics. Check out the latest generation leather Toyota highlander seats. Shouldn't be too hard to find. They are comfortable, fairly compact, and can be had with heating and cooling.

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