Builds Equalme FJC to GX470 build

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Sep 16, 2017
Kansas City
So it has been a long time coming. Back in 2014 I started looking at a 4x4 to build and my top two choices that I narrowed down to was the GX470 and FJ Cruiser. After looking at aftermarket parts offering, I decided the FJC will be the funnest to build. Three years later, the FJC is now pretty much fully built. I went out to FJ Summit XI this year and loved it. Unfortunately I could not bring two of my relatives that wanted to tag along due to space. I had to tell them that the back seats were very uncomfortable for a 12 hour drive and that the rear windows did not roll down. I currently have a ski trip planned early next year to Colorado but again can't drive the FJ since it would definitely be uncomfortable for five people stuff in there.

Well. Now I am 100% committed to converting over to a GX470. Currently searching for a '05+, non-nav, non-kdss, maybe sport model(?). Pretty much like everyone else. Lol.

Parts I will be swapping over from the '07 FJC:
-Total Chaos +2" Race long travel with Kings
-Metaltech Stage 5 long travel with Kings (maybe switching out the HD springs for Medium)
-9.5" Diamond axle housing w/ 4.56 and ARB locker
-8" IFS clamshell w/ 4.56 and ARB locker
-Spidertrax 1.25" spacers for the rear
-Smittybilt X20 10k Synthetic winch
-SwitchPro SP-8100

Unfortunately there is also a lot of parts on the FJC that is not compatible.

Parts I am planning on orderings:
-SSO front steel bumper w/ three hoops
-SSO roof rack
-SSO sliders
-RCI aluminum full skids
-Metaltech Pegasus Stage 3 rear bumper

I am in a dilemma with the wheel choice. I currently have 315/75/16 Duratracs on Level 8 Bully Pro rims specced 16X8.5 -6 Offset 6x139.7 which does not fit the GX.
-Should I go with 315/70/17 or smaller?
-How difficult is it to stuff a tire that size?
-I really loved the Bully Pro rims, but they only come in 17X9 -12 Offset 6x139.7 which Discount Tire shows is not a fit for the GX, why?

Any recommendations would be great!

My old FJC:



I’m not a pro by any means but i don’t see why those rims wouldn’t fit? Maybe stock height not recommended? Both wheels will bolt up maybe backspace clearance
Nice, my one suggestion is keep the HD springs, you’ll need them when you add skids and bumpers and people
35s" should fit with a bmc and some heat gun and a little seam love.
I’m not a pro by any means but i don’t see why those rims wouldn’t fit? Maybe stock height not recommended? Both wheels will bolt up maybe backspace clearance

Bigger brake disks.
16" rims won't fit, at least not without grinding down the calipers.
I think he has 16” but is wondering why the 17” of the same wheel say they won’t fit according to discount tire
17 and 18 fit.
So here is how my search story goes. Last week Monday there was a unicorn about 8 minutes from where I live at a small dealer. It was a '05 non-nav Ash Blue Mica Sport with grey interior and 151k miles for $9k. It was my first GX470 test drive so I probably was a bit more cautious of the condition. Some of the interior body panels were loose, dash cracked, and little bit of rust underneath. Headlight had a small crack in it and they had removed the rear airbags and replaced with traditional springs/shocks. Carfax showed 5 previous owners and two small accidents in center rear. I checked the VIN of swing out and it still matched. Although I really liked it, I was hesitant of it's history. I came back on Wednesday for another test drive and planned to put down a deposit but unfortunately they told me it was sold two hours ago.

Here I am about a week later and I found another perfect match. Deposit made and plan to fly out to Sacramento, CA next week to make a 1750 mile drive back. For $8k, '05 non-nav Ash Blue Mica, grey interior, 174k miles, one owner, service history every 5k at Lexus, lived in Sacramento, and dash recall completed. The only con is no record of timing belt or water pump completed which I can complete myself when I get back.

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Wow quick trigger no messing around. Check the engine cover or underside of hood for a WP/TB sticker when you get your eyes on her. And good luck hope you got a winner.

Most definitely will! I was on it everyday searching all over the nation for a clean one. Reason for rushing is because I finish my graduate finals this week and I will have a month break. Plan to swap over all the compatible parts then.
How’s the transformation coming? I may going the same route very quickly. Had a GX deal drop on my lap and can’t walk away from it. Any regrets moving from the FJC? I’m worried about losing my trail time and losing the agility of the FJC.

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