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Jun 26, 2006
Longview, Texas
Getting ready to begin measurments for 350 placement. I understand the proper tilt is one that levels the carb mounting surface . Is the tilt of the engine accomplished by settinng height of the rear tranny crossmember allowing the weight of the tranny to torque the engine on the motor mounts. Will this constant torque not put too much stress on the motor mounts?

Only other way I can see to tilt engine is to slightly tilt motor mount L-brackets that are welded to frame rail. Thanks.
Who did you purchase the v-8 motor mounts from? What do they recommend?

IMO, there are other factors involved in engine placement that also must be considered, including floorboard clearance, front and rear driveline angles, distributor to firewall clearance, exhaust clearance etc.

I would not place an engine in a frame that did not have a tub on it unless I had done one before and was familiar with these factors.

With all the components bolted in place, and the tub on the frame, mounting options become more obvious........and more limited.


Mark A.
Listen to Mark,

There are a lot of things to consider when doing a conversion. Some things down the road like are you going to add power steering. You need to make sure there is clearance for pumps and pullys with steering shafts and the like. I have found out that you should have the exhaust manifolds (or headers) on, make sure you have the water pump with fan for radiator clearance, and know if your heads will have accessory bolt holes to give you more options of mounting alternators, etc. I have an older block with old heads that don't have accessory bolt holes and right now am doing a PS conversion and am having a go from a short water pump to a long water pump which won't allow me to run my alternator on the drivers side anymore. I have a battery tray on the passenger side so there isn't much room to move stuff around. Bottom line, before you fully weld your mounts into place, do a full mock up. Good luck!:bounce:

Yes, I plan to set tub back on frame this weekend and have an old block complete with heads and manifold, to mock up and use to make all those exact measurement. I am fabbing my own motor mounts which should be plenty stout. Lot's of good vulcanized rubber on these mounts to work with.

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