Early fuel tank with new 2F

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Feb 19, 2010
Littleton, CO
Just searched everything I could find on fuel systems but failed to find my answer. My 40 is a 1964 and I've installed an '86 2F (getting closer to turning the key!!!). It appears that the new 2F has a return fuel line but my early '64 tank is not compatible; it only has a “fuel fill” and a “tank vent”. What options do I have here? I've considered tapping the old tank with an additional nipple or "teeing" into the original “tank vent” to accommodate this return line but wanted to get the facts before I proceed. Any ideas?
Here's my tank:

#7) Fuel Fill
#5) Tank vent
I just pinched off/sealed the return fuel line on my 65 FJ45 with an '83 2F. Worked great, no issues, no vapor locking, etc.
I have a 79 2f in my 74 and it has a return line as well but I swapped in an electric fuel pump when my mech one quit and I plugged the return line at the carb and the line going to the tank. That was 2 years ago and still no problems. Can't find the OEM mech fuel pump here.
That's it, just cap it off? Any effects on the charcoal canister? My goal today is to tackle the fuel system. Seems like "small sectional goals" are the only way to finish this thing.
when I put a 79 2F in a 65, I ran the return line back from the pump and installed a "T" in the vent line. never had any issues.
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