Early 3spd & T-case question

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Oct 28, 2007
I have the side loader 3 speed and early 2 speed T-case in my '62 FJ-45. The trans falls out of second gear. Here is the question, will the early 2 speed T-case mate to the later top loader 3 speed? Second question, is the side loader fixable (parts available:hmm:)? My goal is to keep the 45 as close to stock as possible:steer:.
Since I have never separated the sideloader trans from the t-case on the 63 I have, I don't know. But I have seen the gasket set for the t-case, and the gasket that goes between the trans and t-case does not look the same, so I have my doubts.

The guy I got the trans and t-case from put a 64 setup in his 63 and just called it good. I think that is a good plan in general.;)


Mark A.
Would like to know how early a three speed trans and tcase you have...is the tcase input shaft rear cover a four bolt (way early) or six bolt (plain old early)?
I know nothing of these trannies.............but to me it doesn't look like the later three speed would bolt up. Here's a picture of the side shift tranny and transfer:
(Maybe whoever gave them to me might post up.............my memory stinks).
One more for Phil, this would be a '61-'62? tranny and transfer:
The later three speed has two mounting bolts that line up with the PTO cover, not so with the early transfer. I do have a couple of these if you need pictures minus the rust.

Thanks for the responses guys. Mine is the way early, 4 bolt deep cone input cover. I'll try and get some pic's when the truck comes inside, right now it's covered/surounded by 48" or so of snow.
OK, so it is a 61-62. A Cruiser Guru explained to me that these 'boxes are worthless and weak because their gears were not as wide and therefore weaker than the superior 63-on 3 speed....which makes them cool in a 25 kinda way. I will check my parts pile for interchage possibilities, but I suspect if you want to keep it bone stock you will have to repair what you have. Maybe start first by checking/adjusting the linkage...
No linkage to adjust, the PO swaped in a floor shift. It drops out on the coast, my guess is a failing syncro. If anybody has a column shift set up, I would be interested, I'll need it all. Marv told me a long time ago that the early boxes were weak, but since my 45 probably won't see anything more challanging than a dirt road the strength of the trans is moot.:steer: Thanks again.
Can you post a picture of the shifter? I've only seen a picture in my 62 FSM manual. It looks like it should be like a FJ25 where there is a square hole in the tunnel cover instead of just a small round one. I probably have the column shifter stuff that I would trade for a floor shifter.

I'll get you a picture, when the snow melts a bit. The cruiser is surrounded by 4'-5' of snow right now. The floor shift was added by one of the two previous owners, the hole in the trans cover is round.
Are you sure the transmission wasn't update to the later style at some point. The early tranny take the later style shifter, which makes me wonder if the later style was added at sometime. the early ones have been hard to get parts for many years while you can still get parts for the later style. The US switched to the four speeds parts of the rest of the world still got three speeds.

There was either an aftermarket or retrofit floor shifter for the early model three speed also.......

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