DIY Driver Seat extension / more leg room 1979+

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Nov 20, 2012
Decided to upgrade my driver seat in order to have more space for my legs.
There are several market solutions for the seats before 1979, but the later version (1979-1984) doesn’t have any widely available product.

Obviously I had to do it in my civilized garage, using very simple tools, ideally not visible from outside.

I would like to share my extension Version 1 :), might be helpful for the enthusiasts. Now I can easily drive the car and the extensions look almost invisible in the car.
Please don’t read this as a technical recommendation from my side, I didn’t make any crush test etc…

I’ve made my extension from the steel profile 30mm*20mm*3mm, I’ve checked the other dimensions (2 and 2,5mm), but 3mm is exactly right. Two profiles with 400mm length each (I’ve bought in Amazon precut profiles).

400mm profile provides exactly 8,5 cm extra space for the legs. It doesn’t touch the body in any position of the seat.

That’s my starting point - 2 profiles and a special tool for the 20mm hole - many shops have it. I also ordered extra nuts and bolts from Toyota (I like when it looks OEM).


Numbers and dimensions

Step by step assemble

Few detailed pictures of the assembled seat

And the final look

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